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A collection of Limited edition Giclee prints for many of lifes celebrations


Lani grew up in a small cottage in Co.Clare, nestled in a valley. Money was tight but the range was always warm and home was a cozy place.  She remembers the excitement when the ESB crew came to put up the telegraph poles......yay a telephone and when they got electricity, no more charging the car battery in order to watch some cartoons. The day the flush toilet went in was a very memorable moment as it meant...bye bye... compost toilet.  An only child, Lani loved spending time with her friends but she enjoyed the quiet times and this is often when she reached for her dads old watercolour set.

Painting what she knew and loved has stayed with her right into adult hood. She then discovered surfing in her early 20's and the countryside and coastal living came together to create illustrations of modern scenes, which relate to people yet also hold a touch of nostalgia.  Her illustrative style is fresh and vibrant. 


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Fresh off the Easel

Fresh off the Easel

I finished this canvas this evening. I had put it on hold for a few weeks as i was nervous as to how to how to paint the coastal flowers and grasses in the foreground...but im very happy how they turned out. Painting skies is very exciting and relaxing ๐Ÿ˜Š

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